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If you haven't visited a dental practice in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the ways we use technology in our office to improve your comfort and safety and streamline your visits. Please take a moment to browse through some of the technology we use and learn about the benefits they provide.

Digital X-Rays

At our office, we use digital x-rays because they provide us with the highly-detailed images we need to detect and fix small dental problems before they become significant, cause pain, and threaten your oral health. Digital x-rays are safer for you than traditional film x-rays because they emit 80 percent less radiation.

We also use digital x-rays as an educational tool that encourages you to actively participate in your oral health care. It's one thing for us to tell you about a problem, but showing you what's happening inside your teeth is the best way to get you involved because you can see what we see.

Digital x-rays are also valuable because we can transmit them electronically to specialists or your insurance company as needed. And since there are no harmful chemicals to dispose of, digital x-rays are better for the environment.


Intraoral Cameras

When you're sitting in the dental chair, do you ever wonder what it is that your dentist or hygienist sees in your mouth that you can't see? We understand that this can be frustrating because it's hard to understand what you can't visualize.

But intraoral cameras give us a state-of-the-art method for showing you exactly what we see in real time. The camera is a small handheld device that Dr. Cole directs over the surface of your teeth during an exam, and the images appear immediately on your chairside monitor. If there's an area of concern, Dr. Cole can point it out, explain what's happening, and how treatment will benefit you. We can store the resulting images electronically for reference in the future.

Nitrous Oxide

Do you struggle with making appointments because of a lifetime fear of the dentist? Dental anxiety is widespread, but it does not need to prevent you from getting the care you need to maintain a healthy smile.

We are pleased to offer the calming effects of nitrous oxide, also referred to as inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale through a small, comfortable mask that sits over your nose. As soon as you start breathing, you’ll feel a warm rush of relaxation and the activity around you fades into the background.

Nitrous is meant to provide relief for the duration of the procedure, and as soon as we remove the mask, the effects dissipate quickly. Parents like nitrous for their children because it is safe, gentle, and allows them to relax and get needed treatment. Our busy patients prefer it because they can get the dental work they need and immediately get back to their daily routine.

Televisions in Rooms

We know that many people are anxious when they visit any dental office, and we want to do everything we can to help put you at ease when you're here with us. Televisions and headphones in all of our treatment rooms provide a pleasant way for you to distract yourself while we work to improve your oral health.

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